Billing Information

Banking Information

  • Bank Name:
    CIMB Bank
  • Account No.:
  • Account Name:
  • Company Registration No:
  • Bank Branch:
    Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Baru, Pulau Pinang
  • Swift Code:

Please be reminded to write down your domain name on your bank in slip or successful payment receipt from your e-banking and have it email to us at

For Wire Transfer payment method, please note that you may need to submit additional amount USD $30.00 per wire transfer to cover the wire transfer fee charged by your bank. This is to avoid any underpayment for the balance due in the invoice. We will add back the additional amount received into your billing account. The credit can be applied into your future invoices due.

Additionally, wire transfer will take 7 working days to process normally. Therefore, kindly scan us your wire transfer confirmation slip and have it attach in the email so that we may proceed with the payment apply first.

DomainPlus Client Billing System

Payment By Credit Card

To submit your payment using credit card/bank transfer (MOLPay), please follow steps below:

  1. Log into our Client Billing System at URL below:
    Login ID = Your Email Address
    *If you don’t remember what your password is, please click on “Request a Password Reset”
  2. After login, at the bottom of main page, you should see Unpaid Invoices.
  3. Click on the invoice which you wish to view or pay.
  4. To pay with Credit Card, select “Pay by Credit Card / Bank Transfer (MOLPay) ” to submit your payment.
  5. You will be redirected to payment page for you to fill up your credit card details.
  6. After you have submitted your payment successfully, you shall receive your receipt within 24 Hours.
If you are paying by credit card from outside of Malaysia, kindly download and complete the Credit Card Authorization Form (CC_Auth_Form.pdf) Email a copy of this completed form together with your passport to Please specify your direct phone number which we can call to verify your identity. Credit card payment will be checked and processed within 2 business days from the date of receiving all supporting documents. Upon successful clearance of payment, service will be activated and you will be notified via email. As for payment via PayPal gateway, kindly complete the PayPal Authorization Form (PayPal-Charge-Authorization-Form.pdf) and email to us at

Terms And Conditions

  • Below are the currency exchange rates if payment in different currency from invoice of :
    Invoice ofPayment in
    RM 1.00USD 0.25
    RM 1.00SGD 0.30
  • If you pay by credit card via MOLPay, MOLPay*HIS-HTinternet will be shown on your credit card statement.
Announcement: We wish to inform you Domain Plus will now be operating under Exabytes. Click here for more information.