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AUGUST 2019 | Cheapest .MY Domain Name Promotion!

Yes, we’re here again and it’s come to the month of Merdeka, August where we announce the...

DomainPlus Affiliate Program Updates

Updated on 1 August 2019Warmest greetings from DomainPlus! INCREASE IN...

How to Spot a Hacker or Scammer in Digital World

Every day, you enter the Digital world called ‘Internet’ and probably meet or rub shoulders with a few cyber bad guys –...

Which Is The Best Website Builder?

Wix vs. Weebly vs. Squarespace: Which Is The Best Website Builder? / Differences Of The 3 Best Website Builders

DomainPlus Affiliate Program Update

Updated on: 1 July 2019To ensure the tracking flow remain successful on our...

Top 8 Malaysia Startups You Should Know in 2019

These are some of the chosen, leading Malaysia Startups based on their influence both past and present in helping to build our...

May 2019 | Cheapest .Com Domain Name Promotion!

Finally, it has come to the month of May where we announce the cheapest .COM domain name...

4 Things You May Not Be Aware Of DomainPlus Helpdesk

Here are some important tips to use our Helpdesk like a Boss.You might had submitted a ticket before...

What is Free DNS Management?

Here, we summed up what DNS is, what it does and how it controls different aspects of your domain name.

New Domain Extensions For Developers

ATTENTION all tech professionals and developers! New catchy domain extensions that can help you stand out in your profession are now available...