5 Reasons Why You Should Secure Other Domain Extensions


Is it really necessary? We’ll look into the benefits for your business when you own multiple domain name extensions.

While you may think that it is sufficient to have only one generic Top Level Domain (TLD), the truth is – that isn’t the case. Here are the reasons why:


1. Protect Your Brand from Competitors


Since the offline-to-online shift for businesses, everyone is competing against each other on a global scale. There are chances that your competitors may register the same domain name with us, just with different extensions. That could be frustrating, isn’t it? So, if your competitors compete with you on the same domain name, this could mislead and confuse your customers.

2. Increase Search Engine Ranking


If your business is targeting multiple countries, it is a good idea to secure country level TLDs such as .com.my/.my for Malaysia. Domains with country-specific TLDs can give a boost in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) in that country.

Hence, it can benefit your business to register multiple domain names and enjoy the search result-boosting benefit that comes with it.

3. Email Security


Many business owners are not aware of this, but it is one something you’d don’t want to risk. Keeping a separate domain extension for your official email hosting can enhance your email security. How? This keeps spammers from finding your real official email address, helping you to avoid spam mails from being sent frequently to your mailbox and keeping you secure from phishing attacks.

4. Strengthen Your Brand and Identity


To rise above the competition and safeguard your business identity, it is better to secure multiple domain name extensions relevant to your business. Owning your brand domain in multiple extension for your business that redirects traffic to your primary domain name is a good way of preventing loss of potential clients and web traffic.

5. Geographical Targeting


If you own a business that targets a different geographical region, you may want to choose the extensions that can cover a wider scope of your target audience. This is especially useful for e-commerce websites that need results from a specific country or multiple locations around the world. For example, running a website that targets the Asia region? Secure the .asia domain name extension too!

Now, it’s time to search for your domain in other extensions and secure them before your competitors do!

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