8 Smart Tips to Choosing the Perfect Domain Name


How do you choose the perfect domain name, when so many good options are already taken?

You’ve got the perfect business plan. And you’re looking to kick start this amazing journey online. And just when you’re about to register your desired domain name, it shows ‘This domain is unavailable’. What do you do next?

Through the years, I have come across many business owners who actually thought of changing their business name, just to fit in online. While that may not be a bad idea entirely, I’d like you to explore the options you have before making such a big decision. After all, who says domain name should be strictly the same as your brand name?

So, don’t go giving up on your brand name yet! Here are 8 tips that can help you to choose your next domain name:


1. Keep It Short & Simple – KISS

We’d like to start with the simplest tip. Keep it short and simple! If your domain name is too long or complex, there is a risk your customers may mistype misspell it. Sure, maybe the most obvious and nicest domain name you could think of is probably taken, but don’t assume just yet. It could be available and if it isn’t, always remember great domain name has a reasonable length, easy to pronounce and spell.

2. Avoid numbers and hyphens

Just like jargons, numbers and hyphens can often be misunderstood. They may hear your website but is unsure whether you are using a numeral number or is it spelled out. For example, the movie website could be hawaiifiveo.com or hawaii5-o.com. Either way it’s confusing and your customers might give up halfway trying to figure this out. So, avoid it to be safe!

3. Use Keywords

Remember when it said not everything has to be just strictly your brand name? I’ll explain more here. Using keywords can help you to decide on the perfect domain name. How?

Try using keywords that describe your business. Or include keywords that your target customer uses when searching for your products/services. For example, if you offer airport transfer services, you may consider registering AirportTransfer.com or AirportShuttle.com

Not only will this relate more to your customers, it will also help to boost your ranking on search engines — which eventually drive more traffic to your website.

4. Location Targeting

If your business is tailored to a specific location, you can consider including the city or state name in your domain so your customers can find you easily. Plus, it is pretty understandable when they see it. For example, PenangFlorist.my

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5. Research, Research and Research

Great that you have found a domain name that works for you. However, be careful. There’s a chance the name was used by a business or person with a negative reputation. You can simply give it a Google search to see if your desired domain has a seedy past.

Also, do remember to check for possible trademark and copyright infringement. Trust me, the last thing you want after you have built your website and customer based, only to have a legal authority order you to take it down.

6. Use the Right Domain Extension Your Visitors Will Remember

Nine out of ten times, the best extensions to have in your domain name ends with a simple .com. However, there are times when other extensions are more appropriate. If your target market is local, then you can choose a country based extension, such as veganmeals.my

Or if you are specializing in certain industry, why not have a more specific extensions to them? Own a lighting technology company? Try .tech extension. Launching your new blog career? A simple .blog extension will suffice.

7. Secure Your Bases

Finally, you’ve found your perfect domain name. But, don’t be entirely content yet! Many times business owners forgot the other domain name extensions. Maybe you have secured your .com, but you might want to get the .net, .info and others as well.

Why? Competitors, hackers, scammers can easily take advantage of your brand domain name. And this could turn ugly if they use the same brand name as you to scam the public — causing confusion to your customers!

8. Don’t Forget Social Media

Just one last step before you commit to that domain name. Check to see if a similar name is available on social media. Chances are, some customers are going to find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and you want them to know that it’s you. You may want to keep the name consistent across all platforms to avoid confusion with a competitor.

Start searching for your perfect domain name here.

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