408 error request timeout
408 error request timeout

Have you encountered the “408 Request Timeout Error” message when you visit a web page? This message usually shows when the request you sent to the website server is taking longer than usual. In other words, the web page takes longer than usual to load and to fix 408 error.

The timed out error page is customized by each website, especially for sites that often experience high and heavy traffic. 

So, how can you fix it? 

Here are a few tips to help out: 

1. Refresh the webpage

  • Slow Internet connection can be the cause of delay in the upload and download time from the website server. And if you’re on a transaction page, be sure to check if it duplicates to avoid getting charged multiple times. 

2. Run an Internet speed test

  • You can run a speed test by searching a website tool on Google or try this. If you surf other websites and they are running slow too, then it could be your internet connection problem. Contact your internet service provider to find out. 

3. Wait or Revisit the website later

  • When high traffic websites like Airasia and Amazon experience high traffic, visitors will receive the ‘404 Timeout Error’ message. Not much can be done, just wait for some of the visitors to leave and enter peacefully. Or you can come back later. 

So here you go, things you can do when you see a ‘404 Timeout Error’ message. Just be extra careful when you’re on a transaction page. Check to make sure if the process duplicates, which can get you charged multiple times. Or get a suitable hosting requirements here.