Top 8 Malaysia Startups You Should Know in 2019


These are some of the chosen, leading Malaysia Startups based on their influence both past and present in helping to build our local startup industry.

It has been an incredible journey to witness the growth of the local startup scene as time passes by. While ASEAN is the world’s 7th largest economy, Malaysia SMEs and entrepreneurs have proven themselves as the fast-growing companies thanks to the support from government agencies, venture capitalists and startup accelerators.

If you’re looking to get familiar with the Malaysian startup industry, here are a few companies whose contributions you should know about by 2019.


1. Carsome


Remember the time when we had to sell our car, the whole hassle of researching it’s selling price, bringing it for inspection, promote, promote even more and the list goes on? Well, has changed the game entirely. They are the first automotive website in Malaysia that provides the smartest, easiest and fastest car selling service with full transparency. Carsome manages all the paperwork and we could just have our peace of minds!

2. iFlix


iFlix is not an unfamiliar name when it comes to entertainment, especially movie junkies. It’s the Malaysia version of Netflix and the best part is, they have both free and paid video-on-demand (VOD) subscription. You can access a huge selection of TV shows, movies and more from all over the globe. Watch it wherever you want, whenever you want, 24/7 on your phone, laptop, tablet or TV at a truly competitive price. Get it going here.

3. iPrice


When it comes to shopping online, going through many different websites often takes time. And sometimes, we even get distracted. iPrice recognized the importance of saving time and money and has provided shoppers with the benefit of comparing prices of products from its partners. With this and other handy information and promotional coupons made available, you will never have to search through a plethora of websites anymore.

4. BloomThis

Long lost were the days where we had to pick up flowers from the storefront. BloomThis is an e-Commerce flower delivery service that sends weekly luxury flowers in a bespoke box by subscription. Different from other florists, they evolve the flower gifting experience by delivering in a bespoke box that will last 3x longer. Whether it’s for business launching, congratulations, anniversary, birthday regardless of the occasion, make someone’s day with the freshest bloom from BloomThis.

5. Althea

In summary, we got to give thanks to startups like Althea for bridging the gap in Korean beauty products. Shipping directly to over 200+ countries, we no longer have to source for skincare, makeup, perfumes and other beauty gifts online or purchasing them all the way from Korea ourselves. With free shipping and authenticity guaranteed, Althea is a digitally native beauty destination providing the latest Korean beauty products, trend and lifestyle to the world.

6. DahMakan


Delicious food, delivered to your doorstep is now easier than ever. With the fresh and high-quality ingredients sourced from local suppliers, you can browse through the menu prepared by their friendly chefs. There are also vegetarian options! DahMakan makes food ordering and delivery much more convenient as orders can be made via app or online. From Asian cuisine to fancy Italian and Middle Eastern, we are absolutely wowed by their wide variety of halal menu. So, DahMakan?

7. PurelyB


Set a new goal for 2019/2020 to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle? PurelyB is Asia’s leading health and wellness online community portal that serves as the go-to-guide to leading a sustainable healthy lifestyle. From wellness content on nutrition to fitness, they aim to transform people’s quality of health and life through online guided solutions curated by the best health experts worldwide.

8. KaoDim


We all need a little help sometimes. Be it home repairs & improvement, movers, pest control, catering, event planning et cetera, KaoDim is the portal for you to search the right person for the job. When you request a service, KaoDim will connect you with the right service provider based on your location, price or special requests. Then, all you have to do is pay with KaoDim Pay or cash and help is on the way!

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