Why you need a SSL certificate? Do you know how important SSL Certificate for your website?
Let us tell you 5 benefits of SSL Certificate for secure your website!

Secure SSL certificate

Did you know since July 2018, Google has started marking websites as “Not secure” if the site does not include a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate (aka SSL Cert)?

In fact, your website and business can benefit from this announcement made by Google. For example, if your website is installed with an SSL certificate when your website competitors’ are not, more and more potential customers looking for products/services provided by your company may come to you instead of your competitors. 

How does that happen? Check out the 5 benefits of having an SSL installed on your website! 

1. Improve Visitor Trust

Imagine you visit a website that shows ‘Not Secure’, will you stay or leave? Will you still be exploring what’s on the website? Things can be very different if you see a padlock and a green bar on the website URL bar, which is a sign of trust and an indicator that the site is safe to visit.   

Moreover, an SSL certificate improves the overall impression of your website and makes visitors stay longer.

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2. DomainPlus search link

If you have a business website that is installed with a business SSL Cert, it might look pretty much the same at first sight -https:// for the address bar and a padlock. But do you know that with a business SSL Cert, visitors can check on your certificate details to find out if it is a legit website from a real business owner? 

This greatly improves business credibility and company image!

3. SSL Certificate Protects Data

When information is submitted to a website, it goes through a channel of computers before it reaches the intended party. With an SSL, chances are low that information will be stolen because an SSL encrypts the information at least 128 bit, and it is very hard for hackers to break through the codes and steal information.

4. SSL for Safer Payment Transactions

When important information is protected, certainly payment can be made with peace of mind. In other words, with SSL, your visitors are more likely to make a purchase on your site as they feel safe. Yes, an SSL gives your visitors more confidence to shop!

5. Better search engine rankings

In 2014, Google made changes to its algorithm and announced that with SSL on your website, it helps for a better search engine ranking. This too has been proven by the experts of SEO around the world that there is a strong correlation between https and better search engine rankings. 

Who doesn’t want their site to rank high on Google?


An SSL Certificate is a must-have for every website. A website without an SSL certificate is a website that doesn’t work to its fullest. Worse, you might even lose your visitors or potential sales leads. Sounds terrible? 

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