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  • Top Popular Domain Registrations (TLD)
  • Open for public registration.COM


  • Open for public registration.BIZ


    5 yrs - RM63.99/yr

    Save RM60

  • Open for public registration.DEV


    5 yrs - RM69.90/yr

    Save RM80

  • Open for public registration.BLOG


  • Open for public registration.MOBI


    Save RM6

    NP: RM82.00/yr

  • Open for public registration.BEST


    Save RM18

    NP: RM148.00/yr

  • Open for public registration.SHOP


    Save RM24

    NP: RM192.00/yr

  • Open for public registration.ONLINE


    Discount: 93% OFF

    NP: RM45.20/yr

  • Open for public registration.INFO


    Save RM24

    NP: RM99.99

  • Open for public registration.STORE


    Save RM50.00

    NP: RM99.90/yr

  • Open for public registration.WEBSITE


    Discount: 79% OFF

    NP: RM188.00/yr

  • Open for public registration.TEL


    Save RM8

    NP: RM72.00/yr

  • Open for public registration.CLOUD


    Save RM8

    NP: RM58.00/yr

  • Open for public registration.TOP


    Save RM4

    NP: RM32.00/yr

  • Open for public registration.NET


    5 yrs - RM53.99/yr

    Save RM50

  • Open for public registration.ASIA


    Discount: 34% OFF

    NP: RM149.00/yr

  • Open for public registration.SITE


    Discount: 84% OFF

    NP: RM255.00/yr

  • Open for public registration.TECH


    Discount: 81% OFF

    NP: RM376.00/yr

  • Open for public registration.APP


  • Open for public registration.HOST


    Save RM60

    NP: RM470.00/yr

  • Open for public registration.XYZ


    Save RM10

    NP: RM74.00/yr

  • Open for public registration.ORG


    5 yrs - RM49.99/yr

    Save RM45

  • Open for public registration.SPACE


    Save RM20

    NP: RM59.90/yr

  • Open for public registration.INTERNATIONAL


    5 yrs - RM75.20/yr

    Save RM4

  • Open for public registration.PRO


    Save RM10

    NP: RM86.00/yr

  • Open for public registration.STUDIO


    Save RM8

    NP: RM103.00

  • Open for public registration.ME


    Save RM12

    NP: RM96.00/yr

  • Open for public registration.NAME


    Save RM5

    NP: RM62.00/yr

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Country Level Domains

Own a Domain Name with a .MY extension for the recognition your business deserve. Search and enjoy Malaysia Cheap Domain with DomainPlus.

  • Top Country Level Domain Registrations (ccTLD)
  • MyKad.MY


    5 yrs - RM560

    NP: RM150.00

  • Eligible to Malaysian Educational Institutions only.EDU.MY


  • Company Registration Name & Number.COM.MY


    5 yrs - RM300

    NP: RM79.00

  • Eligible to Malaysian Federal or State Government departments or agencies only.GOV.MY


  • MyKad, Company Registration Name & Number.NET.MY


    5 yrs - RM39/yr

    Save RM200

  • MyKad.NAME.MY


    Save RM21.00

    NP: RM36.00

  • MyKad, Company Registration Name & Number.ORG.MY


    5 yrs - RM39/yr

    Save RM200

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Domain Privacy Protection is not available for Country Level Domain Names.
  2. Domain registrations are based on first-come, first-served basis upon payment confirmation. It will only be processed upon successful payment received by our billing department.
  3. This promotion is NOT applicable for the registration/purchase of Premium Domains, Pragmatic Domains and Premium Numeric Domains. DomainPlus reserves the right to cancel any domain orders that involve the aforementioned domains.
  4. DomainPlus reserves the right to update, change and modify the terms and conditions, or terminate the promotion at any time without prior notice.
  5. Country Level Domain Names are for residents reside or companies incorporated in the specific country only.
  6. Domain registration fee is strictly non refundable if the domain name has been successfully registered.
  7. Successful submission of order to DomainPlus does not mean that your domain name is registered successfully. In the event that the registration is not successful, DomainPlus will transfer the amount you previously paid to your billing account.
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